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Black Spur Ultra is nothing without the help of volunteers. Whether you want a remote Checkpoint, sweeping the trails, or helping at home base, we have a job for you! We attract a lot of fun volunteers and this is also a great opportunity to meet new people. All volunteers get a race T-shirt, a meal with the racers at the awards ceremony, draw prize opportunities and more. Most importantly, you get to experience a fantastic event and cheer racers on as they push themselves to the limit. If you have questions, do not hesitate to contact us. Also check out:
Volunteer Overview
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You are signing up for specific times and locations – please pick as many as you like but do not overlap times. Once a spot is filled, we record it on the schedule.  Click on the location for a site description.*

Kimberley Alpine Resort

FULL 1200-1600hrs Fri. – 12 /13 Spots
FULL 1600-2000hrs Fri. – 12 /13 Spots

Transition / Finish
Kimberley Alpine Resort

FULL 0800-1200hrs Sat. – 6 /6 Spots
FULL 1200-1600hrs Sat. – 6 /6 Spots
1600-2000hrs Sat. – 5 /6 Spots
FULL 2000-2400hrs Sat. – 4 /4 Spots
FULL 0000-0400hrs Sun. – 4 /4 Spots
FULL 0400-0800hrs Sun. – 4 /4 Spots

Kootenay Haus

0800-1300hrs Sat. – 2 /3 Spots
FULL 1300-1700hrs Sat. – 3 /3 Spots
FULL 1700-2100hrs Sat. – 4 /3 Spots

Horse Barn Valley

FULL 0900-1300hrs Sat. – 4 /3 Spots
FULL 1300-1700hrs Sat. – 3 /3 Spots
FULL 1700-2100hrs Sat. – 3 /3 Spots
2100 Sat.-0100hrs Sun. – 2 /3 Spots
FULL 0100-0300hrs Sun. – 3 /3 Spots

Campsite Road

1000-1400hrs Sat. – 2 /3 Spots
1400-1800hrs Sat. – 2 /3 Spots
FULL 1800-2200hrs Sat. – 3 /3 Spots
FULL 2200 Sat.-0200hrs Sun. – 3 /3 Spots
FULL 0200-0600hrs Sun. – 3 /3 Spots
Kimberley Alpine Resort
FULL 0700-1000hrs Sun. – 4 /4 Spots
Mobile (MTB)
FULL 1800-2200hrs Sat. – 3 /3 Spots
0600-0900hrs Sun. – 1 /13 Spots
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Fast Trax Kimberley Alpine Resort

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