The Course

The course is split into three loops that start and end at Kimberley Alpine Resort. The trails and amazing and the climbs are daunting. 50k solos have 12 hours to finish. 100k solos and teams have 24 hours and repeat the same loop. Don't like loop courses? Wait until you see these trails before you say that! The vertical climb goes from the base of the hill to just past Kootenay House and back.


Distance: 54km / 108km

Elevation Gain/Loss: 2,230m / 2,230m (54k) – 4,460/4,460 (108k)

Duration: 12h (54k) – 24h (100k)

Vertical Climb

Distance: 4.8km per full loop

Elevation Gain/Loss: 540m / 540m per loop

Duration: 6h


Use and enjoy at your own risk! The course is not marked except for race weekend.

Black Spur GPX full course (one loop)
Leg 1 + 4 only
Leg 2 + 5 only
Leg 3 + 6 only

GOAT – Leg 1+4

16.1km – 886m gain

Leg 1 Elevation

TOAD – Leg 2+5

18.3km – 674m gain

Leg 2 Elevation

BEAR – Leg 3+6

19.4km – 670m gain

Leg 3 Elevation

HydraPak Kimberley Alpine Resort

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