COVID-19 Preparations

Updated July 22

Let's face it – things are going to be different for a while

We have reinvented the race so that we can eliminate gathering.

After recent discussions with Interior Health and local stakeholders, we are continuning work on our Plan B and forgoing the wave start idea. If the limit on outdoor gatherings increases in the next few weeks, we will look at moving back to wave starts, but this is unlikely.

Please understand that the situation is still fluid, and there is a possiblilty that we may have to cancel the race should conditions worsten, or simply on direction from public health officials.


New Race Plan

    • Racers must review and abide by our new RACER COVID-19 PROTOCOLS
    • The course will be marked, and competitors show up and run on their own schedule within the timeframe of five days (see below).
    • There is no set start time - this allows us to spread everything over several days with no gathering
    • Individual competitors have to follow the personal rules for physical distancing
    • Competitors are still required to check in at our kiosk or by text so that we know they are on site
    • A video briefing will be sent to all registered racers and posted on our website/social media. Group text and email will be used for distributing any last-minute updates/changes.
    • The post-race awards will be done over live video.
    • We will have a kiosk set up at the resort to hand out racer bags and pre-made snack bags (candy/cookies/non-perishable) for several hours each day, and over the duration of a few days - just a grab-and-go arrangement - no standing around or eating and no picking up foods from a buffet - just bags
    • We will have a start/finish area set up each day as the known start/finish point, but it will not be maintained continuously 
    • Racers can likely put out a blanket and chair or small shelter in the area so that they can sit in-between laps but there is be NO formal staging area
    • We will not be able to have aid stations on the course, although each checkpoint will have a lockbox with emergency materials and timing station
    • 54k competitors may start anytime between 00:00 hrs Thursday, Sept. 17 and 09:00 hrs on Sunday, Sept. 20; once they “chip in” they have 12 hours to complete their run
    • 108k competitors may start anytime between 00:00 hrs Thursday, Sept. 17 and 21:00 hrs on Saturday, Sept. 19; once they “chip in” they have 24 hours to complete their run
    • We are able to accommodate earlier start times with advanced notice
    • By conducting the race over an extended period, we can separate all competitors by time 
    • The course will be flagged as per usual
  4. TIMING:
    • You will be using the Sport Ident timing system - this consists of a plastic fob that you must carry, and a series of timing boxes at checkpoints and the end of each stage
    • Your timing chip pin needs to be inserted into the START box until you hear the beep/see the light flash
    • You will need to do this at each CP/TA and at the finish in order for your race time to be recorded properly. There is a different box for the end of each stage
    • Racers may set up their own support station in the central area near the start/finish line while maintaining physical distancing
    • Keep it minimal - maximum of 3m x 3m (10’ square) - space is limited at the resort and this is first come, first served
    • We reserve the right to ask people to move their station in order to maintain distancing
    • Stay within your “bubble” of people with whom you normally socialize
    • Hand sanitizer will be available at the start/finish area and use is MANDATORY by all racers
    • Racers must use hand sanitizer prior to interacting with any volunteers or crew members or accessing supplies at the aid station
    • When interacting with others in the central area, a face mask must be worn (supplied)
    • Emergency response will be conducted by a combination of sweepers, contracted EMS, and municipal EMS
    • The SSI crew will sweep the route twice a day, looking for stragglers
    • We have also contracted an EMS company in Kimberley to provide standby services and they would be available
    • We will also work with local SAR and EMS to ensure competitors are able to access help if needed
    • The back of your bib will have emergency protocols and
    • Meal tickets; competitors will be given meal coupons for a to use at their leisure (more to come on this)
    • To compensate for the decreased aid stations and other perks, we are looking at additional swag options - please standby for updates
    • It is not feasible to have photographers on the course for the whole duration of when we are expecting competitors. We are exploring ideas but, at this moment, we are unable to provide photographs this year except those that are submitted by the competitors.
    • With the more self-directed nature, volunteer involvement will be minimal


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