Sinister Triple

Three Daunting Races

The Sinister Triple brings together three of the toughest races in Canada. You will experience the best that the Rocky and Purcell Mountains have to offer as you traverse stunning wilderness. We are also offering a discount for racers that enter all three events. Competitors in the Sinister Triple who successfully complete all three events will receive a finisher's belt buckle, and the top three men and women will earn a Sinister Triple podium prize. Here is how you can participate.

  1. Any solo competitor who enters and competes in Sinister 7 Ultra, Canadian Death Race, and Black Spur Ultra is eligible for the Sinister Triple
  2. Competitors must register and race in each of the three events; competitors that skip events are not considered a part of the Sinister Triple
  3. Competitors that do not enter all three events at once by using the Sinister Triple form on one of the three race websites must declare their wish to be included in the series by emailing the Race Director no later than August 15
  4. Competitors are divided into female and male categories and accumulate points at each race as follows:
    1. Sinister 7 Ultra
      61 points minus the finisher’s rank to a minimum of 40 / 0 for a DNF
      (1st: 61-1=60, 2nd: 61-2=59, 34th=40, DNF=0)
    2. Canadian Death Race Ultra
      51 points minus the finisher’s rank to a minimum of 30 / 0 for a DNF
      (1st: 51-1=50, 2nd: 51-2=49, 34th=30, DNF=0)
    3. Canadian Death Race – Near Death Marathon
      26 points minus the finisher’s rank to a minimum of 5 / 0 for a DNF
      (1st: 26-1=25, 2nd: 26-2=24, 34th=5, DNF=0)
    4. Black Spur Ultra 108k
      51 points minus the finisher’s rank to a minimum of 30 / 0 for a DNF
      (1st: 51-1=50, 2nd: 51-2=49, 34th=30, DNF=0)
    5. Black Spur Ultra 54k
      31 points minus the competitor’s rank to a minimum of 10 / 0 for a DNF
      (1st: 31-1=30, 2nd: 31-2=29, 34th=10, DNF=0)
  5. Competitor ranks are taken from their place in the Sinister Triple, not their overall rank at each race (e.g.: a competitor may be 10th at Canadian Death Race, but if no other competitor in the top nine is entered in the Triple, their rank for that race is 1)
  6. In the event of a tie, the competitors’ times at Sinister 7 Ultra will be used as the tiebreaker
  7. Sinister Triple finishers will receive their awards during the Sunday morning awards ceremony at Black Spur Ultra
  8. The three female and male triple finishers with the highest point totals will receive Sinister Triple podium awards
  9. Competitors who use the Sinister Triple registration form may withdraw from any of the races, however, they will no longer be eligible for the Sinister Triple
  10. Refunds will be based on the withdrawal guidelines in the Terms and Conditions for each race; refunds will be given minus any multi-race discounts (i.e.: you lose the multi-race discount if you withdraw from one or more of the races)
  11. Run hard and have fun

Why aren't we offering a Sinister Triple for relay teams? We will consider this in future years but there are many complexities that we need to work out. For one, each race has a different team size limit. As team members often change throughout a season, we would have to require a specific number of members to remain the same and monitoring is a challenge.

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