Race Love!

Refer a Friend! Get Stuff!

We want to thank everyone who shares the Black Spur love. To do that we have created a referral program. There are a couple of parts to it, and it's new, so I'll walk you through it.

  1. Every solo or team that registers gets a Friend Referral Code. You can find this at the top of your profile when you log in to edit your info, or on the Solo list and Team List pages under the detailed info.
  2. Send your code to your friends.
  3. When they sign up and they go to the edit registration page, make sure they enter your code in the "How did you hear about the race" box.
  4. Every time you refer a friend and they register starting April 2, you get a point for each person towards the following:
    1. Get 5 friends to sign up - you get a cozy BSU beanie
    2. Get 10 friends to sign up - you get a pair of Sinister Goodr shades
    3. Get 15 friends to sign up - you get a stylish and practical BSU hoodie
  5. Since teams only get one code, if you're on a team any you refer someone, have your friend use the code PLUS your name - there is room in the box.
  6. Yes a team of 6 counts as 6 friends.
  7. You will get your swag at the race after we have a chance to total up everything.
  8. If your buddy drops out before the race and gets a refund, the referral disappears with it.
  9. No you can't refer your own team. Why would you even ask that, bruh.
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